rolling in the deep

I'm choosing the tittle 'rolling in the deep' randomly . I think the sentence is cute enough for being the title on this new post. and unfortunately, I didn't enjoyed the photoshoot , at yesterday. the weather, the wind, and the place were killing and changing my good mood. so, I'm so sorry about the photos if they are being the stupid stuffs. and anyway, I'm wearing 'cream shirt' for the top , 'white short jeans' that I bought with my aunt last holiday, some 'bracelets' from strawberry shop and my new 'wedges' from my mom. She gave it to me because she thought , It was not good enough for her. so, "thanks mom..."


sharon's bday

The bday girl

so thankfull to sharone that she were inviting us to her party last monday. happy moment XD lol . I was so happy on that monday night  because I can laugh, jokes together with my SWEETEST EX CLASSMATES ON THE EARTH. mmh I've been missing them. ....... and about what I wear on that night . so why did I wear a green skirt on that night? hahha I think sharone's gunna love it . because green is her fav color. oh yeah you have to go back to the top of my blog. and look at her silly face. ohhh poor girl with alot of green cream . haha and I think it seems like the slime on kid choice award =D


pastel, polka, redscarf

mmh finally, I'm posting a new post . EXTREMELY HAPPY lol :p. okay, yesterday I took alot of pictures randomly with my friends , Rachel and Devy. we just didnt know what we had to do yesterday , so devy said, "lets take a pic." and yeyyyy I think It was a good idea. becuz I need some photos to upload it on my simpleandpoor blog :) okay so let's see how great our picture is . first, i want to say sorry bout our make-up. becuz we still learn about it.

 soo?? what do you think about our make up? and now let's see how good our skill of mix&match clothes

♡ devy

♡ Rachel

♡♡ me




hey everyone .
this is my first post on my blog so i think it would be good
if I'm going to introduce myself.
but I will try to post alot soon. im just kinda busy with school lately.
and Bdw, My name is Susanne but u can call me Sue 
and I'm in love with fashion SO MUCH. 
and NOONE can change it.
I will use this blog to show you what i love to wear.
and what my style is
hope you like it .
Anyway, I'm studying in Eben Haezar Senior High School
grade 12th..
And I'm actually 16 years old. pretty young.
mmh so, welcome to my world :D