the sweetest friends of classmates

"We all have moments of desperation. But, when we face them head on, thats when we find out how strong we really are.."

Irene Maureen , Christine Patras , Anastasya , me

Last week, I went to try something new and tried how to make some foods with my friends or actually , my classmates. I had alot of fun with them on that day. They was like giving a rainbow in my stormy day, thats why my week weren't bad as usual because they were truly made my day. I think , I'm the lucky one who had friends like them. They're funny, they're super amazing, and I love how they're always success to change my bad mood into extra good mood! I don't know how my life would be going if there are no friends in my journey of life. That's why I think , " Friendship is a real gift, It is given with no expectations & no gratitude is necessary.."

so, love your friends because the true friends will always be there for you eventhough in a stormy day


Neon of luck

It's been a long time ago , when I posted my last post "be mine" on my blog . mmh I was thinking , how dare I call my self a fashion blogger if I didnt post anything lately. big jokes* . So sorry . It was just because alot of things happened in some few weeks ago. I had to thinking so much about what I gunna do after graduating. That's freaking me out. I still begging my mom , because actually , I wanna have my college in overseas. oh sorry did I tell you If this year is my last year on high school? yeah I am. thats why exams are coming to blow my mind asap. just pray for me , sweeties reader . pray for me I would pass all of them softly.

orange blouse - topshop, skirt - unbranded, stocking
neon flats - Yongki Komaladi
and anw , I was so WOAHH when I saw this neon flat on store . Dunno why . It looks so comfy and cute .
"grab grab grab grab it" that was on my mind. thanks for my mom who brought me this . I'm happy absolutely.