breathing in the evening

(polka scarf - unbranded, orange blouse-jasminebtque, pink skirt-unbranded, belt-yuan accessories)

(rings - strawberry shop, bracelets - unbranded)

(socks - topshop , shoes - peter kezia)

first I wanna say sorry for the bad quality photos. It's taken by my digital camera not slr and they were taken at 5.30pm yesterday, that's why they looks a bit blurry. hehe XD and I wanna say thank you for my friend Devy that were inviting me to had alot of fun at her kingdom , so yesterday me and my friend Irene & Rachel just stay at  Devy's house even though It was a Saturday night. why not??
Me and my friends (Devy, Irene, Rahel) were taking alot of pics . I promise, I will show you the pics later after this post. Anyway I really love what I wear on those pictures . REALLY. I dunno why . I'm just feel so comfy with that stuffs. and seriously , the belt looks stunning. I'm so in love.
ohh yeah tomorrow is monday, right? X_X seriously I hate monday . the first day on a week. that's why I'm hoping that you would having a lovely week. HWAITING!!!!
                                        ... thanks for reading and visit my blog . thankyou.


I'll work hard

.. I think all I need right now is just to be more brave to take the risk . and BELIEVE! Everything's gonna be great If I would always love to WORK-HARD in everything I wanna do :)



finally, I'm blooming. I was too busy with school lately, always arrived at home on 5or6 pm is completely makes me tired as hell that's why I've been lost on my blog . but now I'm back. and what do u think about the photos? LOL . my cousin helped me with the photoshoot after church. thanks alot cus. and I was wearing pink shirt, blue skirt, belt from iconia and my necklace DIY . I just finished the necklace before photoshoot. and the spirit inside of me is ON for taking some pictures. I love my new necklace btw . unique.

about the necklace