the sweetest friends of classmates

"We all have moments of desperation. But, when we face them head on, thats when we find out how strong we really are.."

Irene Maureen , Christine Patras , Anastasya , me

Last week, I went to try something new and tried how to make some foods with my friends or actually , my classmates. I had alot of fun with them on that day. They was like giving a rainbow in my stormy day, thats why my week weren't bad as usual because they were truly made my day. I think , I'm the lucky one who had friends like them. They're funny, they're super amazing, and I love how they're always success to change my bad mood into extra good mood! I don't know how my life would be going if there are no friends in my journey of life. That's why I think , " Friendship is a real gift, It is given with no expectations & no gratitude is necessary.."

so, love your friends because the true friends will always be there for you eventhough in a stormy day


Neon of luck

It's been a long time ago , when I posted my last post "be mine" on my blog . mmh I was thinking , how dare I call my self a fashion blogger if I didnt post anything lately. big jokes* . So sorry . It was just because alot of things happened in some few weeks ago. I had to thinking so much about what I gunna do after graduating. That's freaking me out. I still begging my mom , because actually , I wanna have my college in overseas. oh sorry did I tell you If this year is my last year on high school? yeah I am. thats why exams are coming to blow my mind asap. just pray for me , sweeties reader . pray for me I would pass all of them softly.

orange blouse - topshop, skirt - unbranded, stocking
neon flats - Yongki Komaladi
and anw , I was so WOAHH when I saw this neon flat on store . Dunno why . It looks so comfy and cute .
"grab grab grab grab it" that was on my mind. thanks for my mom who brought me this . I'm happy absolutely.


Be Mine

Today, when I get back to home from school , I was like "yeay yeay"!! Couldn't be more excited again when my school finished at 3pm, not as usual. I have to get back home at 4pm. No lie, I was lucky HAHAH lol. Didn't want to waste the luck, I was going to do some useful things. Play with my camera! I think It's the one of useful things in my vocabulary, seriously.
shawl-mom's , red sweeter-from jackie'sboutique
in those photos , I was wearing a shawl . I found this one on my mom's wardrobe. when I saw it, It looks so gorgeous and the shawl was like calling me to try put it around my neck. xD
doggieprint pants - unbranded
my new shoes for school :D

and this my random photo for you , dear :D thanks for reading and visiting my blog
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thanks for making my day so brighter. u all completely made my day.
love ya ..
have a nice dayyyyy



two-bdayparty's blast

What a busy and tired week . mmh Last week , I had two bday parties, and they were absolutely made my week and succesffully killed the 'stress' from school. The first party was held on wednesday night, wanna thank to Andre (the bday boy) that were inviting me to come on his party. I didn't believe that I had alof of fun with my friends on that night. thanks.

I met with some of the coolest people in the world on that night
Gavin , me, Angel, Mex, Andre, Icha, Tycara, & Timmy

Me with Lavenia

and the second bday party was held on friday night. I met with alot of my ex classmates. I've been missing them. They looks more pretty on that nite. It makes me happy. 

Look at the girl who wore a sweet red dress. her face was full with alot of flour. ups sorry!
me with the bday girl - Sthefani and the 3 ladies of my ex classmates Fikitha , Rachel , Angel
I was wearing , flower print blazer-unbranded, green skirt-topshop, lace shirt-details
friends are everything . They are always made my day.
let me introduce you to vitoria - my new clutch

Thanks for visiting my blog, sweet heart . 
Hoping you would have alot of fun today.
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do something fun with webcam

so abstrac

aliens . but cute LOL xD

sarcastic, serious, mad
Della , me, Astrid and Sharon
[my fav pic] :D :P :) :*

last saturday , I had a choir practice at school with my girls , (actually I'm still in high school . grade 12th) but while we were waiting the coach ,we took some pictures randomly with some cool style. LOL . looks weird but this is we called " HAVING FUN ". 
thanks for visiting my blog. hope u having a lovely week.


breathing in the evening

(polka scarf - unbranded, orange blouse-jasminebtque, pink skirt-unbranded, belt-yuan accessories)

(rings - strawberry shop, bracelets - unbranded)

(socks - topshop , shoes - peter kezia)

first I wanna say sorry for the bad quality photos. It's taken by my digital camera not slr and they were taken at 5.30pm yesterday, that's why they looks a bit blurry. hehe XD and I wanna say thank you for my friend Devy that were inviting me to had alot of fun at her kingdom , so yesterday me and my friend Irene & Rachel just stay at  Devy's house even though It was a Saturday night. why not??
Me and my friends (Devy, Irene, Rahel) were taking alot of pics . I promise, I will show you the pics later after this post. Anyway I really love what I wear on those pictures . REALLY. I dunno why . I'm just feel so comfy with that stuffs. and seriously , the belt looks stunning. I'm so in love.
ohh yeah tomorrow is monday, right? X_X seriously I hate monday . the first day on a week. that's why I'm hoping that you would having a lovely week. HWAITING!!!!
                                        ... thanks for reading and visit my blog . thankyou.


I'll work hard

.. I think all I need right now is just to be more brave to take the risk . and BELIEVE! Everything's gonna be great If I would always love to WORK-HARD in everything I wanna do :)