the sweetest friends of classmates

"We all have moments of desperation. But, when we face them head on, thats when we find out how strong we really are.."

Irene Maureen , Christine Patras , Anastasya , me

Last week, I went to try something new and tried how to make some foods with my friends or actually , my classmates. I had alot of fun with them on that day. They was like giving a rainbow in my stormy day, thats why my week weren't bad as usual because they were truly made my day. I think , I'm the lucky one who had friends like them. They're funny, they're super amazing, and I love how they're always success to change my bad mood into extra good mood! I don't know how my life would be going if there are no friends in my journey of life. That's why I think , " Friendship is a real gift, It is given with no expectations & no gratitude is necessary.."

so, love your friends because the true friends will always be there for you eventhough in a stormy day

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  1. these are such cute photos! you all look so happy ;-)

  2. hi hon, just blog hopping and found you. i am your newest GFC follower (YTBlushingBasics)

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  3. thats sweet! i love all the outfits! (:


  4. Amazing pics dear!!! And thanks for your lovely comment! Are you sure that you're follow me by GFC? Because you don't appear on my GFC Followers list...Check it please! Then, I’ll follow you!!!

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  5. seems like fun (:! beautiful pictures!

    CMPang x

  6. you guys so lovely :) i love all of your outfits !

  7. friends are the best thing! i love your photos. Vintage!


  8. cute pictures! friends ARE the best :) following you now, please follow back :) i think you might like some of my outfits



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